Editorial Policy

New Horizons Group publishes authentic and scholarly articles. We believe that quality publishing serves our community better than protracted process to incrementally advance the rigor of a piece before its eventual exposure to light.We would like to provide our authors worthy editorial remarks than they did get.

Because our journals are scientific and international in scope, authors from all areas of the world are encouraged to submit manuscripts. Comparative cross-national and cross-cultural research reports are especially welcome. In addition to original research reports and review essays, book reviews, research notes, comments, and methodological contributions are appropriate for publication.

New Horizons Group publishes original papers of Scientific and Industrial Research in various fields of Engineering, Applied Sciences, Computer Sciences, Business Management & Social Science. New Horizons Group is oriented towards publishing articles that communicate advances, interesting implementations and parts of on-going research in fields of interest. In addition, New Horizons Group offers a medium to authors for fast publishing individual parts of their work that are used as basis for diverse further research (e.g. a new software ,a modification or an original measuring apparatus/technique).

All manuscripts are reviewed by an editor and members of the Editorial Review Board or qualified outside reviewers. Decisions will be made as rapidly as possible, Authors are normally informed of the publication decision within 2 weeks. All published articles in this internaltionally peer-reviewed journal will be reviewed by members of the editorial board and review board, and it is the goal of New Horizons Group Journals, to publish manuscripts within 4 weeks after submission.

Reviewers have 2 weeks to complete their review and will recommend one of the following:

Accept As It Is: Requires minor Correction: Requires Moderate Revision: Requires Major Revision: Submit To Another Publication Such As: Reject On Grounds Of (Please Be Specific):

Download Editorial Review Form

Any disagreement between reviewers will be resolved by the Editor in chief. If the manuscript is considered publishable with changes, an email ststing the reviewer’s comments will be sent to the author for further comment or revisions. Authors will be given 5 days to complete any suggested revisions and return to the editor.

All decision letters are reviewed by the editor in chief prior to being sent to the author. Once accepted, the manuscript will be scheduled for publication.