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NHRG brings together science, technology, and innovation actors globally and provides a mechanism for its members and partners to connect, associate, share, inspire and multiply their contributions to solving global challenges.

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Free Membership

Obtaining a free student/ professional membership with the NHRG will enhance your academic success. After you register, a member of our membership team will get in touch with you to ask for more details about the abilities you currently possess and those you'd like to acquire. Additionally, they'll give you free access to the pertinent webinars and workshops so you can broaden your knowledge.

NHRG offers support with research methodology and forward-thinking skills to help researchers and students to gain the information that employers are looking for. Members will receive updates on the most recent news, technological developments, and advice on how to expand your skill set to succeed in the workplace.

Premium Membership

Joining the IFERP Premium Membership community allows you to network with other like-minded individuals, and focus on your professional development skills as you progress through academics and into your professional journey.

  • Digital Interface for Virtual Partnership.
  • Financial Discount on NHRG Conferences.
  • Financial Discount on NHRG Webinars and Scientific Events.
  • Obtain Permission to Publish in Reputable High Impact Journals Journals.
  • Zero Plagiarism Study for Research articles.
  • Possibility to become a Co-Supervisor depending on the profile.
  • Come, and be a part of the thriving tech innovation community by becoming a full-fledged NHRG premium member today.
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